Stationary Target Instructions 50 yd



Unpacking: Cut all cable ties except those thru the target cardboard and those holding the wood shipping strip.  Remove the four screws holding target to the wood strip in the metal frame.  Leave the wood strips fastened to the base because they are a convenient place to set concrete blocks for stabilization and/or windy conditions. 

Set-Up:  Remove and save nuts and bolts in metal base frame.  Insert bottom section into frame noticing how the sections match up with color-coded left & right stickers.  After firmly tightening the 7/16th nuts you can hammer the enclosed plastic wedges into the metal boot frame for additional firmness of the base section. 


Using a hammer and a small piece of wood, tap the upper section into the holes of the lower wood section.  This should be a fairly tight connection, so take your time pounding the top section into place, alternating sides as it goes down.  This connection should be quite tight and require no additional fastening.  You can put some screws into this section if it becomes loose. 

The final connection is attaching the cardboard to the upper section using the supplied cable ties or utilizing the 3-point friction system.  Utilizing the enclosed super thick cardboard and 3-point friction system will probably not require the use of cable ties.  When using cardboard that is less thick, the cable tie system is the best attachment process I have found.  As advertised, the entire upper section has been designed and built so that wooden parts can be replaced in case of those unwanted, errant shots.  Even good shooters have these sometimes in practice. 

 If you’re fortunate enough to be able to leave your turning target system or stationary target at your firing range, a long and heavy-duty plastic bag is enclosed.  The bag is long enough to cover  the stationary target cardboard.  I leave mine this way all season long and the bag has never blown off.   I put a couple of concrete blocks on mine for additional stability. 

You can extend the life of the super thick cardboard by turning it upside down when you attach another new 50 yd full-face target.  Three (3) additional super thick cardboards are available for $44 or $68 for six, which includes shipping.  You can save about $20 shipping by ordering your extra pieces and have them shipped with your original stationary target.  Go to to order online, e-mail me at or call me with your credit card info.  You can also send a check or money order if desired.    Coach Dave 6-18-14 




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