Turning Target Instructions




Unpacking: Cut all black cable ties except those thru the target cardboard.  Remove the four screws holding target to the unpainted wood & metal base frame.  Leave the unpainted wood strips as they are a convenient place to set concrete blocks for stabilization and/or windy conditions.  Always be careful with the bottom section holding the turning target motor and exposed wires. 

 Set-Up:  Connect the 9-volt battery in the black timer/control box.  Remove and save nuts and bolts in metal base frame.  Insert wood legs section with turning target motor into metal frame noticing how the sections match up with color-coded left & right stickers.  After firmly tightening the 7/16th nuts you can hammer the enclosed rubber wedges into the frame for additional firmness of the base section.

Attaching the four 7/16th nuts and bolts of the upper turning section to the turning mechanism requires the most care and attention.  Notice how the sections match up with color-coded left and right stickers.  A washer, lock nut and nut are placed on the wooded side of the connection.  A washer also goes on the bolt side of the connection.  If you have to transport your target each time for use, I strongly suggest you finger tighten only, these connections.  I know it may be a bite of a hassle to disconnect and re-connect these two sections each time; but failure to do so will put undue stress on the system and will probably facilitate a breakage in the brass shaft connection during transport.  This is not a warranted breakage.

 The final connection is attaching the cardboard to the upper section using the supplied cable ties or the friction fit system.  No matter the size of the cardboard you choose, the cable tie system is the best attachment process I have found.  As advertised, the entire upper section has been designed and built so that wooden parts can be replaced in case of those unwanted errant shots.  Even good shooters have these sometimes in practice. 

 If you’re fortunate enough to be able to leave your turning target system at your firing range, a very long and heavy-duty plastic garbage bag is enclosed.  The bag is long enough to cover the windshield wiper motor and wires.  I leave mine this way all season long and the bag has never blown off.  The wiper motor is preset at 110 degrees so a perfect 90-degree angle is not possible or noticeable.  I leave a couple of concrete blocks on mine for added stability.  

 Using The System:  Please note the proper connection points for the battery versus the timer & voice commands controller.  Reversing these plugs at the motor connection point could damage the system and blow the fuse by the battery.  Extra 3 or 5 amp fuses are taped to the battery.  

 The first time you connect the battery to the turner, be prepared for the target to return to the edged position.  This is the target’s normal position unless a signal is received from the controller to face.  The safest position for transport or end of day shooting is the faced position.  To place the target in the faced position, with the controller in the timed fire position, push the play button.  While the target is in the face position, walk down range and pull the battery plug out.  When you return to the firing line, turn-off the controller.  You will forget as I have done many times.  So pack some extra 9-volt batteries with you to continue your shooting session the next time.  Your unit was tested right before shipment.  If you experience problems, first check the battery fuse.  If you have any additional problems, call or e-mail me.       Coach Dave   4-04-14


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