About Us


I was a member of the United States All

Reserve Shooting  Team from 1983 to the

start of Desert Storm.  In my "hay day" I was

fortunate enough to be a shooting member of the

NRA 3-Gun National Team Champions in 1986.

My highest score was a 2644 fired twice.

Besides being a Distinguished Pistol Shot I

am currently the pistol coach for the Southern 

Indiana Rifle & Pistol Club's active bullseye pistol teams & conduct their

monthly outdoor 2700's.   



Just like you, I'm striving to do everything

possible to promote and preserve our sport

that we love so much.  That's why I've 

been busy over the last several years 

re-designing a personal Turning Target 

System at a reasonable price.  With the 

price of guns, ammo and equipment it's

very expensive & difficult for the new 

shooter to participate in bullseye or any

shooting sport.  To help with this, I have

come up with a system priced at less than

half the cost of the only other personal, 

battery operated, portable system

available on the market.


This re-designed system incorporates the best features of

two previously built personal target turners; one by Frank

Thomas (TN) and the other by Ed Hall (NY).